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Lead Storyteller

Primary Role

This person’s primary role is to share the community’s story broadly through various formats so that others will become aware and have the opportunity to connect with it. They will be the lead person in website management, marketing, social media presence, videos, newsletters, and reports. This is a part-time position that will take approximately 10 hours/week.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Engagement: Madison Young professionals identify GatherX as an important community they are meaningfully connected to; at least 50% of the community are people who are from “de-churched” or “un-churched” backgrounds; at least ⅓ of the community are people from marginalized backgrounds.
  2. Authenticity: GatherX is a community where young professionals feel comfortable bringing “all of who they are.” They feel empowered to ask questions and contribute of themselves freely.
  3. Hospitality: GatherX becomes known for its excellence in welcoming new people and making them feel at“home” and with “family”, so much so that people want to invite other people they know to experience the hospitality.
  4. Vitality: Members of the GatherX feel ownership over the community and are regularly contributing their ideas for events, projects, and more and bringing them to fruition. They are shaping the group and impacting the community with their gifts.
  5. Collaboration: Transformational matchmaking is occurring where young professionals are being connected with each other and members from the larger Church so that they can together learn and use their skills/talents to make a difference in the larger Madison community.
  6. Storytelling: Stories of spiritual encounter, hospitality, vitality, collaboration, transformation, significant impact are being told within and without the community. These stories are compelling and bear witness to God’s presence and work in the GatherX community.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Participate in staff meetings as part of the team leading GatherX
  • Create and implement marketing strategy to promote awareness of GatherX across a wide audience in the Madison area
  • Develop print and online communications, as well as marketing materials to promote the mission, vision, story and values of the GatherX
  • Coordinate creative efforts to produce online content that engages various audience/customer segments and leads to measurable action
  • Manage the development, distribution, and maintenance of all print and electronic content including, but not limited to, newsletters, marketing materials, videos, blogs, annual reports, and the GatherX website
  • Coordinate and manage all vendor relationships with respect to marketing, communications, social media, and advertising
  • Develop and manage all web content at to optimize web content for search engine and social channel distribution
  • Oversee social media presence (including but not limited to website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to generate interest and engagement with the community
  • Management and upkeep of the database
  • Manage all enterprise IT and audio/visual assets of GatherX
  • With respect to technology-related assets, coordinate vendor partnerships and volunteer teams to help ensure technology is used and maintained properly
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Supervised by Lead Instigator/Networker

Quality, Skills & Experience

  • A committed and intelligent Christian dedicated to the full inclusion of God’s people, especially those often marginalized by the traditional church
  • Passion for walking alongside young adults, ages 23-30
  • Demonstrated technological and communication competencies and experience
  • High energy, maturity, and leadership with the ability to serve as a unifying force in building and maintaining a healthy team and organizational culture
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills with a demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects with flexible schedules
  • Ability to self-initiate, self-monitor, and work effectively in a dynamic setting
  • Sincere commitment to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholder groups


To be determined based on applicant’s experience and/or qualifications

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