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Come Gather With Us

GatherX is more than a group…

We are unique leaders, young professionals, and fun individuals forming a community in the Madison area of people whose values and ideas align, while standing out and being different.

GatherX is a place of connection, intersection, and ignition—for young adults to find each other and be empowered to build a meaningful community that has a purpose.

85% Pie Chart Living Downtown

86% of those living in downtown madison are 15-34 year olds

We Want To Provide

GatherX - Engagement


GatherX - Authenticity


GatherX - Hospitality


GatherX - Vitality


GatherX - Collaboration


GatherX - Storytelling



Event Calendar

thu06may7:00 pmFirst Thursday: Connection7:00 pm CST Olin Park, 1156 Olin-Turville Court

sun09may1:00 pmsun2:00 pmBrunch X Learn: Refinancing1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST Instagram Live

thu13may7:00 pmGather X Create: Succulent Garden7:00 pm CST Covenant Presbyterian Church, 326 S Segoe Road

thu03jun7:00 pmFirst Thursday: Mindfulness7:00 pm CST Tenney Park, 402 N Thornton Ave

thu01jul7:00 pmFirst Thursday: Justice7:00 pm CST Garner Park, 333 S Rosa Rd

thu05aug7:00 pmFirst Thursday: Storytelling7:00 pm CST Giddings Park, 429 Castle Place

thu02sep7:00 pmFirst Thursday: Gratitude7:00 pm CST Vilas Park, 702 S Randall Ave

thu07oct7:00 pmFirst Thursday: Service7:00 pm CST Picnic Point, 2000 University Bay Dr

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