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Chris Gilbert (he/him/his)

Christopher moved to Madison three years ago from a small town in Pennsylvania. He attended Penn State University and the University of Pittsburgh which led him to a career in dentistry. Outside of work, he loves traveling the States and the world, is passionate about nature and the outdoors, and dabbles with music. He’s a dog dad to a Labrador retriever named Barney and can often be found exploring the local community.


Beth Skogen Photography

Rona Neri (she/her/hers)
Pres House Liaison


Sam Syta (she/her/hers)
Steering Team

Sam is a Wisconsin native, originally from Milwaukee. She moved to Madison in 2015 to complete her undergraduate degrees in psychology and neurobiology through UW-Madison. Sam recently completed a Master of Arts in Counseling through Northwestern University and currently works in the human service field, assisting the elderly and individuals with disabilities navigate the healthcare system. In her free time, Sam enjoys frequenting local coffee shops or going on outdoor adventures, such as kayaking on Lake Monona or exploring many of the Dane County dog parks, with her pup Finley.


Kay Weeden (she/her/hers)

A proud west coast California-born transplant, Kay is also a very proud San Francisco Giants fan that has been in the Midwest for a few years now. She works in the healthcare field, and in her free time likes to hang out at the dog park, fish, explore local coffee shops, and best of all: cuddle on the couch, catching up on tv shows with her fiancé Nika and pups Ty, Vesper and Posey. Kay is an extreme extrovert, so if you see her out and about, don’t be afraid to say hey!

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